Tuesday, July 13, 2010

YouTube Helps Tech Professor Speak To 5th Graders

A short documentary video posted on YouTube has proven to be an effective way for a Tennessee Tech University professor to reach fifth graders with important messages about earth science.
Civil and environmental engineering professor Faisal Hossain produced “Space: Come Hell or High Water” as an outreach, multi-media presentation for students in public schools to inspire 5th graders to study STEM fields and pursue a career in earth science.

“This short documentary overviews the societal value of current and emerging water satellite missions to the public and the young generation,” said Hossain.

The National Association of Environmental Professionals honored the video at a conference, awarding Hossain’s research group, SASWE or Sustainability Satellites, Water and Environment, with the NAEP 'Education Excellence' award.

“The award was mainly for education aspects of our work,” said Hossain. “We want to help young students understand how their future careers could involve understanding planet Earth using NASA systems.

You can watch the video here.