Monday, August 2, 2010

Burglar Attempts Break-In At Occupied Home

The victim was "visibly shaken." That's what police say about an incident on Timber Lane in which a man allegedly tried to gain entry into a home while the resident was inside. The victim told police that she had not answered a knock on her door because she did not recognize the man who was outside. She then says that he proceeded to gain access to detached garage and tried to gain entry into both the front and back doors of the home -- apparently thinking no one was there. Police say they found him coming around the side of the building when they arrived less than three minutes after the victim called. Especially aggravated burglary charges were brought against
28-year-old Johnathon David Patterson of Glenrose Avenue. A passenger who was in a truck that Patterson was driving was let go without charges after claiming that he didn't know that Patterson was trying to break in. Patterson will be arraigned in General Sessions Court on August 18th.