Monday, August 9, 2010

Car Show Promoter Speaks Before Committee

The promoter of a car show hoping to rent the Putnam County fairgrounds appeared before the planning committee of the Putnam County commission Monday night to talk about his event. Charlie Cobble says that some of the negative things that are said about the Slammin and Jammin Car Show are not valid and says that the show itself, which would be contained to the Fairgrounds, has not had any trouble with lawbreakers. He says many of the tickets written for conduct outside the gates of the show were, in his words, "trivial B.S." But county commissioner Gene Mullins, who described himself as a "car guy"said many car shows are held that do not have bikini contests or women's oil wrestling. He told Cobble, quote, "I find what you do offensive. I do not want your show here and will do whatever I can to keep it from coming here." The issue was sent to the full commission without a recommendation, but -- unless one of the commissioners has a change of heart -- it may be defeated. Mullins has said that he meant to vote AGAINST the show when it was on the agenda last month, but pushed the wrong button by mistake.