Monday, August 30, 2010

DCS Investigating Unsanitary Living Conditions

The Putnam County sheriff's department says they have asked the Department of Childrens Services to investigate a case in which they found three young children living in what they described as "extremely unsanitary" conditions. According to Deputy Linda Jordan, the case began when she was dispatched to do a welfare check at a residence on Homestead Circle. She says that upon entering the home, she found nearly the entire floor covered with trash and no furniture in the house. She claims there was also trash in a room where two older children were sleeping and the kitchen counters were piled up with stuff. The father of the children told Jordan that the dog had gotten into the trash and he had not yet had time to clean it up. He says there was no furniture in the house because he was about to move to a new place, but Jordan says that she was unable to determine whether the furniture had been moved into that residence. No charges have been filed at this point.