Monday, August 16, 2010

Fake Money Order Scam Crops Up Again

A Cookeville woman has reported to police that she has fallen victim to a scam in which she was sent counterfeit money orders, which she cashed at a local bank -- only to find out later than the money orders were no good. The woman says that she had she had posted her resume online and was contacted by a man wanting to hire her. She says he told her that the money was for orphanages and other non-profit organizations. The first two she cashed totaled $1700 dollars -- money which she sent by Western Union to an address in Arkansas. But when nearly $3,000 in additional money orders arrived, along with instructions for her to keep $200 for herself, the woman learned of the scam. Police say several people in the area have fallen victim to a similar fake check or money order scheme over the past couple of years.