Sunday, August 15, 2010

Full Agenda Facing Putnam County Commission

A proposed referendum on county finances, the recommended budget for the county, and a discussion of a car show are among the highlights as the Putnam County commission meets Monday night. The budget being recommended comes with no tax hike. The other two items are coming to the commission -- without a recommendation. Until just a few days ago, county officials were concerned that a tax hike would be necessary to fund the school system budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, but school officials say they were able to find enough money in energy savings from last year to avoid such an increase -- or any laying off of teachers. Meanwhile, the budget situation may have also prompted county commissioner Bob Duncan to propose that a referendum be held on adoption of a Financial Management Act for the county. Duncan says that because the county commission could not agree on the idea, the people of Putnam County should be given a vote. Finally, the issue of whether the so-called Slammin and Jammin car show should be able to rent out the county fairgrounds will come up for a vote tonight. That issue was discussed last month with no final resolution. The car show's promoter spoke to a committee of the county commission last week about some of the concerns that have been raised by local law enforcement.