Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Library Chairman Says Changes May Be Coming

A federal lawsuit filed against the Putnam County library, which we first told you about nine days ago, has now led to a potential discussion about the meeting room policies of the library. Local author Ilene Vick filed the suit with the help of a group called the Alliance Defense Fund, claiming that a policy, which prohibits the use of the library's meeting room for religious purposes, is a violation of her First Amendment right to freedom of speech and religion. Channel 4 News in Nashville picked up on the story yesterday, and is reporting that Peter Li, the chairman of the library board, and one of the defendants in the suit, told them that the library is considering making changes regarding the meeting room policy. Putnam County attorney Jeff Jones also told the TV station that the county is reviewing the policies and formulating a response to the suit. The library board is scheduled to meet the second week in September.