Monday, August 23, 2010

Police Continue Investigation Of Drive-By Shooting

Cookeville police today continue to investigate what some witnesses described as a drive-by shooting. It happened earlier this month at an apartment complex on 14th Street, and while authorities did not find the shooters, they did arrest the resident of the apartment -- identified as 39-year-old Timmy Thornton -- on charges of selling crack cocaine. According to a report released Monday, police responded to a "shots fired" call back on August 15th, and arrived to find Thornton riding on a bicycle in the area. They allege that Thornton had crack cocaine on him and also allege that he had a large amount of cash, which they seized as the possible proceeds from drug sales. Police say witnesses told them that some individuals in an SUV had driven slowly by the apartment complex where Thornton lives and fired several shots into that apartment. Other witnesses also allegedly said that they had arrived at the apartment with the intention of purchasing drugs from Thornton, who is -- according to police -- serving a ten-year probationary sentence from a previous drug case.