Sunday, August 22, 2010

Property Assessor Assisting In Damage Assessment

Putnam County's Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with the Property Assessor’s Office of Putnam County, continues their work today to assess and document damages throughout Putnam County caused by the flooding last week. In an attempt to streamline the damage assessment process and give citizens a single point of contact, a hotline has been established to take damage reports in Putnam County. That hotline number of 646-INFO. By dialing 646-4636, citizens can report damages directly related to Wednesday’s flooding. Officials say damage that should be reported includes damage to any structure on your property which is taxed. When you call 646-INFO, you should be prepared to give the name of property owner; the property owner’s phone number, the address of property and a brief description of damage, to include damage to primary living/working areas, garages, basements, and storage buildings. Officials say a good rule of measure would be the height at which water was standing inside the structure at its highest point.