Monday, August 23, 2010

Putnam Election Official Highlights Illegal Voting Case

Putnam County Administrator of Elections Debbie Steidl appeared on Fox News Monday, talking about the case of a man who apparently lied about his U.S. citizenship in order to vote in the 2004 presidential election. Steidl says that man has now been purged from the voter registration records -- at his own request.

"He wants to become a citizen of the U.S." Steidl said. "And for him to continue (that process) he has to get purged."

Steidl says the man had a letter from the Department of Homeland Security instructing him to purge his record. But she also says that she is bothered by the fact that it may be too late for the illegal voter to be prosecuted.

"It bothers me to no end," she said.

Steidl says local election officials are not allowed to question someone's answers on a form in which they swear that they are, indeed, a U.S. citizen, but says anyone who lies about it should be prosecuted for voter fraud.