Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Putnam Woman Facing Four Potential DUIs

The Putnam County sheriff's office says a woman has been charged with first offense DUI after wrecking her vehicle this week -- but could find the charge amended, depending on what happens in three other pending DUI cases against her. Deputy Larry Bennett says the suspect -- identified as 37-year-old Tanya Rice of Shady Lane Road -- told him that a deer ran out in front of her vehicle, causing her to swerve into a ditch and hit some trees. She had left the scene by the time Bennett arrived, but later returned a few minutes later -- apparently to retrieve the vehicle. Bennett says Rice failed several field sobriety tests and also refused to submit to blood alcohol test. According to his report, prior bookings show that Rice has three other DUI cases pending in Putnam County. Her court date on the most recent charge will be September 27th.