Monday, August 9, 2010

Referendum Proposed On Financial Mgmt. Act

Putnam County's fiscal review committee has voted down a motion which would have had the voters in the county decide whether or not to adopt a Financial Management Act. Because of that, the issue will appear on next week's county commission agenda without a recommendation. Proponents of the Act say the uncertainty over the budget this year -- which will only be made worse when federal stimulus dollars dry up -- is reason enough to try and consolidate some of the financial functions of the county. State auditors have also said for many years that the county needs to centralize its accounting system, whereby the schools, the road department and the county general departments would all be organized under a central finance director. Opponents of the idea say it just creates a new department of county government without necessarily saving enough money to make a difference. The issue failed to gain approval from the county commission in a vote earlier this year.