Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sheriff's Department Investigates Reported Attack

They're not sure if it was an assault or a seizure, but the Putnam County sheriff's department is looking into what may have happened to a woman at Burgess Falls State Park this week. Deputy Joe Davis says he responded to the Cookeville ER on a report of a woman who had been assaulted. But, upon arrival, he learned that the 31-year-old victim, who is from Kansas, had been transported from the park to the hospital because she had been having seizures. The woman told him that she had stopped at a gas station outside of Nashville on Wednesday, which is where met a man and woman who told her they needed gas money to get to Fort Campbell. She says she gave them fifty dollars, but also says they talked her into following them to Burgess Falls Park. The last thing she remembers, according to the report, is taking pictures at the Falls. She had some memory of someone standing over her shouting and of being loaded into an ambulance. Davis says a bottle of Hydrocodone with one pill left in it was found beside the woman. There is no word on what happened to the people she met.