Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sheriff's Department Investigating Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty charges may be brought against a man who moved out of a home, but left some pets behind. Deputy Bill Hunter is investigating whether some dogs he found at the home this week were abandoned or were, unintentionally, left behind. He says the case began when officers were called to an apartment on Pippin Road by the landlord, who was requesting help in removing the animals. Hunter says the dogs were found in "terrible living conditions," without access to food or water. And he says that feces covered almost every square inch of the floor, mattress, and an old chair. Further investigation revealed that a woman who had been living at the apartment had been jailed in Jackson County, but Hunter says he needs to know whether the man, who was also living there, left the residence before or after the woman's arrest. If it can be proven that the man abandoned the animals, he will be charged with animal cruelty.