Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tech Makes Princeton Review List Again

Tennessee Tech University is one of the best colleges in the Southeast for the seventh consecutive year, according to The Princeton Review. Tennessee Tech is one of 133 institutions The Princeton Review recommends in the "Best in the Southeast" section of its website. Collectively, the “regional best” colleges account for just 25 percent of the nation's 2,500 four-year colleges.

“To be one of the best colleges in our region, we have committed to offering our students academic excellence and challenges, social opportunities and a solid start at life-long success—all at a good value,” said TTU President Bob Bell.

For this project, The Princeton Review asks students attending the schools to rate their own schools on several issues from the accessibility of their professors to quality of the campus food and answer questions about themselves, their fellow students, and their campus life. Comments from surveyed students are quoted in the school profiles on The Princeton Review site. In the profile, Tennessee Tech is described as a “rural university with friendly people” located in a scenic area. There are more than 40 majors and the music and nursing programs are “extremely good.”