Sunday, August 29, 2010

TTU Basketball Team Returns From Caribbean Trip

Any way you measure the distance, the Tennessee Tech men’s basketball team was a long way from home last week during its tour to the Dominican Republic. Coach Mike Sutton’s team returned to campus Thursday, just in time for the start of the Fall semester on Monday. He says the experience will benefit his squad this season.

“Everybody is back safe-and-sound and healthy,” Sutton said. “It was a wonderful opportunity. We got a chance to see all our kids perform in game situations. The competition level differed from top-flight professional programs to lesser ones, but every game was a challenge. They are very enthusiastic about their basketball in the Dominican Republic.”

The trip was sponsored by G.O. Ministries, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the ministry of short-term missions, with the goal of preparing participants to support the efforts of Christian leaders abroad.

Overall, Tech went 5-2 during the games they played on the trip, and Sutton was able to see how well his newcomers will mesh with the returnees. The 2010-11 Golden Eagle roster will include six new faces.