Friday, August 6, 2010

Twelve New County Commissioners Elected

There will be signficant changes on the Putnam County commission next month as at least twelve new members were elected to the 24-member body in voting yesterday. In the first district, Scott Ebersole outpolled three other candidates, while Tom Short finished second. Both will be new commissioners. In the second district, Jim Martin and Bob Duncan won re-election. David L. Gentry will be the new commissioner in the third district, joining incumbent Jerry Ford. In the fourth district, the winners were Andy Honeycutt and Ronald P. Williamson. Anna Ruth Burroughs and Terry Randolph were elected in the fifth district. In District 6, Chris Savage and Reggie Shanks won election; in the 7th, it was Michael Medley and Joe Trobaugh. Eris Bryant and Sue Neal were re-elected in the 8th. In the 9th District, Daryl Blair and Jonathan A.D. Williams will be the new commissioners. In the 10th, Kim Bradford will join incumbent Kevin Maynard on the commission. Steve Pierce and Marcia K. Bowman are the new commissioners in the 11th District and Cathy Qualls Reel will join Mike Atwood to represent the 12th District.