Monday, September 27, 2010

Attempted Criminal Homicide Charged

Attempted criminal homicide charges are pending against a Putnam County man, who allegedly shot at his neighbor while she was out walking her dog. The sheriff's department arrested 63-year-old Carroll Eugene Overstreet after investigating an incident on Sparks Drive. Authorities say the victim told them that Overstreet threatened to kill her as she walked by his house, but she told him to put his gun away ... that she was not on his property.  As she walked back in the other direction, he allegedly shot at her with a .38 caliber pistol. Deputies say they found Overstreet in possession of that pistol, with one round that had been fired. Meanwhile, Cookeville police say an off-duty officer was instrumental in catching some shoplifters at Lowe's. Officer Shannon Smith was in plain clothes when he observed 29-year-old Brent Hamby of Baxter and 31-year-old Rainn Martin of Sparta allegedly take a cordless nail gun without paying for it. He described their vehicle to other officers who later stopped the men and issued them citations for theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. And it sounded too good to be true ... and it was. Cookeville police say a man was conned out of cash after being taken in by a story from someone who said he had a "friend" who worked at Electronics Express and could get two large screen televisions and a video gaming system for just $450 dollars. He gave the con man the cash, and was told to drive around the back to the loading dock. When no one showed up at the loading dock, the victim drove back to the front of the store ... to find the con man gone.