Monday, September 13, 2010

Commissioners Disagree On Community Garden

Several motions were offered Monday night as the planning committee of the Putnam County commission discussed the possibility of allowing the Master Gardeners to use county property on the corner of Walnut Avenue and Veterans Drive as the site for a proposed community garden. But after some 30 minutes of debate, no decisions were reached, as all of the motions failed. One motion would have allowed the garden near the fairgrounds site; one would have allowed it near the soccer fields in north Cookeville; and one would have required that the county fair board be consulted before any decisions were made. All three failed to gain a majority vote, each ending with six commissioners in favor and six commissioners in opposition. That apparently means that the idea will go before the full commission next week without a specific recommendation. Meanwhile, the planning committee also split on which of their members should be named to the nominating committee of the county commission. After three ballots, Jim Martin was finally approved by a one-vote margin.