Sunday, September 12, 2010

Committees To Discuss Homeland Security Grant

The Fiscal Review Committee of the Putnam County commission will meet Monday evening to discuss giving approval for county fire chief Daryl Blair to apply for a Homeland Security Grant, which would provide funding for five full-time firefighters for a period of two years. The county currently uses a mostly volunteer force. If the grant is awarded and accepted, the county would then become responsible for paying the salary of those firefighters for a third year a cost of $171,000. That works out to a salary of just over $17,000 per firefighter. Also tonight, the committee will talk about whether to supplement an already existing property tax relief program for some residents of Putnam County. Meanwhile, the planning committee of the county commission will consider the establishment of what's being called a community garden and will consider an agreement with the city of Cookeville to share in the cost of replacing a bridge on Poplar Grove Road. The city wants to do some waterline improvements as part of the bridge replacement project.