Thursday, September 30, 2010

Conflicting Stories Told In Animal Cruelty Case

Cookeville police say two people involved in what may be a case of animal cruelty have told conflicting stories about just what happened, but a suspect has been charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal.  The case began when Officer Justin Long answered a call on Breeding Avenue and was told that a neighbor of the victim had witnessed a man strangling her cat to death. The neighbor said the suspect's forearm was shaking and that the cat's head was down on a rock, its back legs were squirming and it was hissing.  But when she confronted the man, he picked up the cat and began walking away. The neighbor said the cat appeared lifeless, and told the owner what had happened. Police say the owner knew the man from the neighbor's description, but when authorities went to speak to him, he denied doing any harm to the animal, saying he was petting the cat and had put it up on his shoulder when confronted by the neighbor. He also told police that he put the cat down in the apartment building parking lot before leaving the area. But authorities say the animal was later found by its owner near a barn across the road from her home. A veterinarian reportedly found that the animal had suffered a broken jaw and severe head trauma. That's when police charged 32-year-old Jason Donald Davis of Fisk Road. He'll be in court on the charge October 18th.