Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cookeville Police Investigating Armed Robbery

Cookeville police say a woman working at an antique store on Cedar Avenue was robbed at gunpoint Monday afternoon by a woman, who claimed that she needed money to pay "ransom" to her ex-husband. The victim told police that it happened at about ten minutes to five when a petite, young woman, around 30 years old, pulled up in an SUV in front of the shop known as A Rare Find.  The white female, who was described as "very pretty," was dressed casually and had on a ball cap. She asked the clerk if anyone else was in the store, and then pulled a gun out of a large handbag, held it close to her body and demanded money.  The victim told police that she went directly to the register and retrived approximately three hundred dollars, which she gave to the robber. The victim says the woman appeared to be upset about having to rob the store, but left the business in a casual fashion and drove off in the SUV.  Anyone with information that may help is asked to call the police department.