Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cookeville Police Investigating Home Invasion

Cookeville police are investigating a case of what they call "especially aggravated burglary" after two residents of West 6th Street reported that someone forced their way into their home early Thursday morning.  According to the report, it happened just before 1 am when one of the victims heard a faint knock at the back door.  When he unlocked the door to check on things, he says a tall, black male forced his way inside the home, pushing the victim backwards and implying that he had a firearm underneeath an orange shirt he was holding.  The suspect made his way into the living room, where the victim was forced onto the floor. The man then yelled "Give me your money or whatever you have!" Police say the suspect then noticed two laptops on the coffee table and grabbed them.  The victim's roommate, who was asleep at the time, woke up and entered the living room, where he saw the suspect grabbing the laptops.  As the suspect began to run, the roommate chased him out onto the front lawn and tackled him. But the suspect was able to free himself and continued to run northeast.  Police responding to the scene set up perimeter and attempted to track the suspect with a K-9 unit, but stopped that track after it appeared that the suspect had gotten into a vehicle and driven away.  They did recover the orange shirt he was carrying and a DVD drive from one of the laptops. Investigation continues.