Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cookeville Resident Noted Wikipedia Editor

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press has written up a story on a Cookeville man, who has become known for his editing of Wikipedia pages. Tennessee Tech student Brian Stansberry tells the paper that the number of Wikipedia editors dedicated to developing East Tennessee articles can be counted on one hand.

“Some people paint, some people collect stamps,” Stansberry said. “Wikipedia is just a hobby of mine.”

Since 2007, Stansberry has made more than 10,000 edits on hundreds of pages, including the entries for Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tenn. For instance, Stansberry deleted a list of “notable residents” from Cleveland’s page.

“For some reason a lot of people in Cleveland kept adding their names to the list even though they’re not notable people,” he said.

Despite never visiting Cleveland, Stansberry has become the most frequent editor of the city’s page, mostly cleaning up messes left by inexperienced editors. Stansberry said he’s passionate about the parks and the cities in East Tennessee, which is why he cares so much about helping out. Stansberry said he frequently searches Library of Congress archives to add historic photographs to Tennessee cities.