Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cookeville Woman Charged With Impersonation

Cookeville police say a woman who was using someone else's driver's license to cover up the fact that her own had been revoked is now facing charges of criminal impersonation. Officer Christopher Ferguson says that he pulled over a vehicle this week after he noticed it weaving on North Dixie Avenue. The driver, he says, identified herself as Cece Cooper of Jamestown and produced a license with that name. But Ferguson says the picture on the license looked nothing like the driver of the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the driver was, in fact, 36-year-old Leslie Danette Yorke of Landmark Lane, Cookeville. Ferguson says that Yorke was using Cooper's license because her own license is revoked. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a Monterey man was charged with driving on a suspended license after he was accused of yelling at another driver while travelling north on Highway 111. 19-year-old Eddie Maddle Jr. of Clark Range Highway allegedly told officers that the driver of the other vehicle had locked up his brakes in front of Maddle's car and that he was going to "beat the guy if he got him to stop." They say Maddle's license had been suspended in August of 2009 for multiple traffic violations. And police say yet another incident of apparent road rage led to an elderly woman being treated at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The woman claims that she was pushed down after cursing at a couple who stayed stopped at a green light. The couple claims the 73-year-old victim fell down as she got out of her car. Authorities say the woman did not want to press charges in the case.