Monday, September 20, 2010

County Commission OKs Grant and Garden

Some members of the Putnam County commission say we can't afford it , but -- by an 18 to 4 vote Monday night -- the commission agreed to apply for a Homeland Security grant which would pay the salary of six full-time firefighters for two years. If the grant is awarded and accepted, the county would then be responsible for at least the third year of the salary, amounting to more than $230,000. Meanwhile, the commission has agreed to allow the usage of county property near the fairgrounds for the development of a community garden. Proponents say the idea is to use the garden as an educational tool and a way to encourage more members of the public to maintain gardens. It would be located near the corner of South Walnut Avenue and Veterans Drive. Commissioner Reggie Shanks had suggested that the garden be placed near the Jefferson Avenue entrance to the fairgrounds, but county executive Kim Blaylock said the space there was not large enough. She did say, however, that the Master Gardeners might be willing to maintain that space as well.