Thursday, September 2, 2010

Court Date Set For Putnam County Bar Owner

An October 11th court date has been set for a Putnam County bar owner, accused of impersonating a police officer. Authorities say it happened at CB's Grill on the Gainesboro Grade early Sunday morning. Two deputies were driving through the parking lot for a routine check when they saw a man in handcuffs. According to police, the bar's owner, Christopher Brent Webb, came up to the deputies and told them he handcuffed the customer because he suspected he was drinking illegally in the bar and in the parking lot. But the police report also says that Webb not only claimed to be a U.S. Marshal and made a false arrest, but that he searched the young man's car wearing a weapon, a bullet-proof vest and black gloves. Webb told a Nashville television station that he did indeed put cuffs on the young man, but only, he says, because he was concerned the man would be drinking and driving. He denies he ever impersonated an officer.