Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ex-Con Facing New Charges Involving Meth

Cookeville police say a man, who was released from prison in March of this year after serving a four year term for manufacturing meth, has been arrested again -- for the same crime. 38-year-old James Leon O'Howell of Marigold Place was charged after officers allegedly saw him pouring the contents of two Mason jars down a sink at his trailer home. He was also charged for tampering with evidence, and police say further investigation indicated that O'Howell was allegedly recruiting neighbors and acquaintances to make purchases of pseudoephedrine for him, so that his name would not show up on the lists maintained by local pharmacies. His wife, 37-year-old Tonia O'Howell, was also charged with manufacturing meth, and police say others may be charged as the investigation continues. They also say they tested some toys found in the O'Howell's home for meth residue. Those toys reportedly belonged to a young child of a woman who lives a short distance away.