Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full Agenda Facing County Commission

A relatively full agenda faces the Putnam County commission as they meet Monday night. First up, they'll have to elect a chairman, chairman pro-tem and a parliamentarian. Bob Duncan is being recommended for the chairman's role, with Jerry Ford as chairman pro-tem. Kevin Maynard is the nominee for the parliamentarian position. Meanwhile, with twelve new members elected in August, the commission must fill appointments to the beer board, the adult-oriented establishment board, the ag extension committee, and several more. Also tonight, the commission will be discussing whether or not to apply for a Homeland Security grant which would pay the salaries of five full-time firefighters on the county's now mostly volunteer force. If the grant is awarded and accepted by the county, they would be responsible for at least a third year of funding for those positions. And commissioners will be talking about the potential location of a community garden. Supporters want to place at the intersection of Veterans Drive and South Walnut Avenue, near the county fairgrounds, to give it maximum visibility. Some commissioners say a better location would be on county-owned property near the soccer fields in north Cookeville.