Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gubernatorial Candidates Spar In Cookeville

The state's focus was on Cookeville Tuesday night as the two candidates for governor of Tennessee participated in the first televised debate held outside a major metropolitan area. Both Republican Bill Haslam and Democrat Mike McWherter said they would focus on improving the economy through the creation of jobs. Haslam said more and more employers are seeing the value of Tennessee as a low-tax state, but McWherter -- in the first negative comment of the night -- said the average Tennessean could not "price gouge" their way to prosperity. That's an allusion to charge of price gouging leveled against Haslam's family-owned Pilot Oil Company. The debate was co-sponsored by the Highlands Initiative of the Cookeville Putnam chamber of commerce and aired statewide, including on Nashville's Newschannel 5.