Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jobless Picture Slowly Improving

The jobless rate in Putnam County continues a slow but steady improvement, according to the latest figures from the Tennessee Department of Labor.  The most recent report show the unemployment rate in Putnam County at 8.9 percent.  That's down a tenth of a point from the month before. And it's 1.2 percent lower than what was reported for August of 2009.  Still, officials say more than 3,100 people out of a labor force of 35,860 were out of a job last month. Many more, officials say, may be underemployed rather than fully unemployed.  Meanwhile, around the region, Overton County saw its jobless rate drop from 11.2 down to 9.5 percent. The unemployment rate in Jackson County remained in the double digits at 11.2 percent, while the rate in White County was 12 percent. In better economic times, Putnam County's rate hovered between four and five percent.