Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Local Meth Cooks Now Dumping Their Labs

Putnam County authorities say people involved in the manufacture of methamephetamine are becoming more likely to leave abandoned labs on the side of the road. The Cookeville police department is investigating one such case in which a tree-trimming crew found a trash bag on a newly developed residential lot on South Creek Drive. Police say the bag contained used up matchbooks, pseudoephedrine packs, rubber gloves and a coffee filter -- all of which are common to the cooking of meth. Meanwhile, authorities say the Department of Environment has been asked to check out a creek on Baxter Road after someone apparently dumped some meth components in there. Officers initially responded to a report of a naked man in the creek. They didn't find the suspect, but did recover coffee filters, drain cleaner, a lithium battery and other meth-related items.