Monday, September 27, 2010

Officials Pass Resolution On Repeal Of New Law

The Putnam County Election Commission has now taken another step forward in trying to repeal a law that requires them to review all new Voter Registration applications. The law was passed during the last session of the Tennessee General Assembly, and the commission had originally talked about sending a letter to state officials expressing their opposition to that law. But they voted instead to pass a resolution, saying essentially the same thing. The resolution notes that the office staff at the Election Commission already does the work that Election Commission members must now double-check and says that the members are not receiving any additional compensation for the additional work they are now required to do. The resolution calls that work "unnecessarily redundant" and says each county should be allowed to set their own policies, as needed, for such reviews. The resolution also asks the state to consider adopting a single, uniform application that meets the requirements of the law. Currently, election commissioners are reviewing about half a dozen different forms with slight variations in the information requested.