Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Habitat's Newest Home Under Construction

Officials with the Putnam County chapter of Habitat For Humanity say construction has begun on the first of nine homes on McCaskey Court. Habitat director Pam Ealey says the neighborhood will be unlike any other built before because this community is a future Earth Craft House neighborhood. The first of its kind in the region, its purpose is to provide a healthy and environmentally friendly home for first time homeowners. Ealey says with fewer indoor pollutants and contaminants, the house contributes to the family’s good health and well-being.  The Brooks family - Daniel, Dusti, Clay, and Max – will be the first to enjoy the benefits of an Earth Craft home in Putnam County. Max, The Brooks’ youngest son, was born with a congenital respiratory condition and requires 24-hour nursing care. With this new home, the family will have more space for the medical supplies needed for Max’s care,