Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tennessee Tech To Unveil New Website

A fresh, new design of Tennessee Tech University's website launches Friday morning with what officials are calling improved functionality that loads faster and is better focused on users. Although the design and layout changes make an immediate splash, users will also see how the underlying structure and functionality improvements make using the site faster and more enjoyable. The new design features a better university calendar to help you keep track of campus events and activities. News and events listings will be featured at the bottom of every page. The search function will be improved so that you can even search the university calendar for items of interest. Navigation will be improved and various departmental pages will be easier to find. In addition, multiple new applications were written by TTU Web and Digital Media Director Matthew Gann (he's the guy in the photo) make the site more flexible going forward.

"As we launch new functionality in the future at the sitewide and department levels, these custom applications that build upon the existing system will make those transitions much easier to accomplish," he said.

The new website uses the same open source, enterprise-level content management system already familiar to current department content publishers. News & Communications Director Karen Lykins said the newly designed website dovetails nicely with her department's accelerating use of video and other multimedia elements to better tell the TTU story.