Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Voter Registration Deadline Coming Up

Putnam County Administrator of Elections Debbie Steidl is reminding local residents that the deadline to register in time to vote in the November 2nd General Election is coming up soon.

"According to state law, anyone who votes in an election must be registered at least 30 days ahead of time," Steidl said. "For the upcoming election, that deadline date is Monday, October 4th."

"People who are already registered voters in the Putnam County don't have to worry about the deadline," Steidl said, "but anyone who has recently moved here needs to contact the Election Commission office before close of business on Monday to be sure that they are properly registered. Those who are turning eighteen and wish to vote must also complete the registration process by October 4th."

Applications for Voter Registration can be found at the Election Commission office at 705 County Services Drive, off South Willow Avenue on the lower level of the new Putnam County Health Department building. The forms are also available at many of the offices in the county courthouse, at the library, and at the post office. Those who wish to register in person should bring two forms of ID with them to the office. The ID must contain the voter's name and current address. Officials will accept a driver license, car registration, checkbook, utility statement, fishing license or any other document that contains both name and address. Birth certificates and social security cards are not acceptable forms of ID because they don't have the person's address on them. Anyone with questions can call the Election Commission office between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. The number is 526-2566.