Monday, October 25, 2010

Burglar Flees After Homeowner Returns

A Cookeville man struggled with a burglar he caught in his home last week, but police say the suspect eventually got away.  It began when the victim returned home and heard someone moving about in the back of his house on Old Sparta Road. The man got a rifle he keeps near the front door and went to investigate. When he got to the rear of the house, he met a man carrying one of his guns under one arm and a crowbar under the other.  According to the police report, the suspect dropped the gun he was stealing when the victim pointed a rifle at him, but began pleading with the homeowner and was able to get close enough to him so that a struggle ensued.  The suspect then ran out the back door, was chased and tackled, and even had his own crowbar thrown at him -- but ultimately got away.  He was described as a short, white male with reddish brown hair and a slender build, in his early 20s.