Sunday, October 10, 2010

Commission Opposes Diversion For Ex-Employee

Members of the Putnam County Election Commission have now sent a three-page letter to District Attorney General Randy York, expressing their opposition to the granting of pre-trial diversion for a former employee.  Sherry Bryant was terminated from her job in the election office last year after commission members learned that she had been convicted of a felony drug offense back in the 1990s and that she had been illegally voting in spite of that conviction. Bryant was one of several individuals indicted earlier this year on charges that they had voted or registered to vote without having their rights restored.  And while some of those individuals have been granted diversion, Election Commission members say Bryant should not be given that opportunity because it would tend to minimize a crime that they say is considered serious under Tennessee law.  The decision on whether to grant diversion in any case is, ultimately, up to the presiding judge, although the opinions of prosecutors, defense lawyers, and victims are usually considered as a part of that process.