Tuesday, October 19, 2010

County Commission To Study Funding Requests

The Putnam County commission did not agree to give five thousand dollars to the Monterey High School chorus to help fund their trip to an international event in Italy next year, but they did vote to form a study committee which will try to determine what parameters must be met in order for the county to provide help to the chorus or any other organization seeking funding from the county. County executive Kim Blaylock had argued that the invitation for the chorus to represent the United States in the event was "an honor" and that the county should be able to provide $5,000 toward their $80,000 fund raising goal. But some members of the county commission said that they had already heard of at least three other organizations with plans to come and ask for money -- if the commission granted the request of the Monterey chorus. One commissioner said he would write a personal check for the group, but did not believe in using taxpayer money for such things.