Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ex-Roommate Facing Domestic Assault Charge

The Putnam County sheriff's office says their investigation of a fight between two male roommates ended up with one of them being cited for domestic assault.  Deputy Larry Bennett says the case began when one of the roommates showed up at Cookeville Regional Medical Center with injuries to his eye and forehead.  The victim told authorities that he did not want to pursue the case, but Bennett informed him that officers must investigate assaults and make an arrest -- if they can determine an aggressor. Bennett says the 42-year-old man at the hospital told him that his roommate was using drugs and he decided to move out, but claims that the roommate hit him with a fist and tackled him as he tried to get away, causing the victim to hit his head on the pavement.  He says he got away from the roommate by hitting him with a rock that was laying nearby. Bennett then took out a domestic assault warrant on the roommate, attaching bond conditions that forbid his contact with the victim.