Sunday, October 17, 2010

Field Trip Funding To Be Discussed

Members of the Putnam County commission Monday night will decide whether or not they want to give $5,000 toward the effort of the Monterey High School chorus to be the United States representative to an international choral event being held in Italy next year.  County executive Kim Blaylock says the invitation is "an honor" and believes the county can afford to put five thousand dollars toward the effort.  She says a previous commission made a similar decision several years ago when they voted to help Cookeville High School fund band uniforms.  But other commissioners say contributing to the cause would create a precedent that could lead to every group that needs funding to ask for help from the commission.  Also Monday night, the commission will discuss approval of a lease with the Nashville and Eastern Railroad Authority and they'll consider eight appointments to the county fair board.  The meeting begins at six on the third floor of the county courthouse.