Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fincher Discusses Putnam Tax Revenues

State Representative Henry Fincher of Cookeville has announced that during the current 2010-2011 fiscal year, approximately $154.9 million in state appropriated expenditures will flow into Putnam County through various state agencies and programs.

“Two years ago, as we began dealing with the long-term effects of our nation’s economic slowdown, the Tennessee Legislature made a commitment to keep our state running without higher taxes or massive cuts,” said Fincher. “Our economy continues to grow stronger, and though there are still challenges ahead, Tennessee looks to make a full recovery in the months and years to come.

Fincher says that budgeted state appropriations benefiting Putnam County include more than $40 million for K-12 education, more than $8.2 million in what are called state shared tax collections; $31 million for health and social services; $6.8 million for justice and public safety;  and just under $2 million for state highway projects.

"Difficult decisions had to be made in order to produce a balanced budget with no new taxes, but even with the tough decisions we were able to maintain the programs that matter most like Tennessee’s BEP 2.0 program,” said Fincher. “Going forward I intend to continue to protect these programs from reductions and hope others in the legislature will put children and families first in every financial decision we make. This budget proves that government can tighten its belt and still fund necessary services,” said Fincher. “Despite the bad economy, we have cut overall spending while getting more money to Putnam County for K-12 education, Tennessee Tech, and law enforcement.”