Monday, October 4, 2010

Man Arrested After Disturbance At Local Bar

A man wanted for issuing worthless checks in Cannon County, Tennessee, has been arrested by Cookeville police after he allegedly created a disturbance at a local bar.  Police say 29-year-old Adam Joseph Davis of Smithville was arrested after they investigated a complaint at the Fireside Lounge on East Spring Street.  The bartender told them that Davis had come into the business after it closed on Friday nigth and refused to leave.  The bartender says he offered to call a cab for Davis, and even paid for the cab. But he told authorities that, as he was headed home for the night, he noticed the cab turn around and head back to the bar.  The bartender also turned around and arrived to find Davis allegedly trying to open the doors to the business.  Police say Davis could not tell them how he got to the bar, or how had had planned to get home.  Officer Marc Declaire says he believed Davis was not only creating a public disturbance, but was also a danger to himself, and so placed him under arrest.