Sunday, October 3, 2010

Police Investigating Possible Link In Robberies

Cookeville police say they're not sure whether two armed robberies reported last week are connected, but they say the method used in both robberies is similar.  The more recent case occurred at the Knights Inn motel on Thursday night when a man living there reported hearing a knock on his door just after 9:30 in the evening.  He told police that when he answered the knock, two men forced their way into the room and one of them pointed a silver handgun at him.  They forced him to the floor, tied his hands with duct tape and made off with four hundred dollars in cash and a video gaming system.  Police say a similar incident had been reported just a few days before that at an apartment on West 6th Street. In the first case, the victims say they did not know the robber, but in the second case, the victim told them he was acquainted with one of the men. Investigation continues.