Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scammers Fail To Get Money From Putnam Man

A Putnam County man has reported an apparent scam to the sheriff's office. While the victim says he didn't lose any money, it may have been because he was pro-active when he got a call last week from the website,, thanking him for their 14-day trial and informing him that he would now be charged for the service on a monthly basis.  He told the caller that he had never used the service and didn't want it, so they agreed to cancel the charge on his credit card.  He then had the account closed, only to receive a call from a company in Greenbrier, Tennessee, asking him why he had canceled his purchase of a $900 camera. Once again, he told the caller that he had not ordered a camera and that someone else was using his identity.  According to the sheriff's report, the man has not -- at this point -- had to pay for any unauthorized charges.