Monday, October 11, 2010

Six People Arrested On Meth Charges

Cookeville police say there's been an uptick lately in the number of people arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine. Authorities say three people were arrested on Sunday at the Walgreens pharmacy -- one day after three other people were arrested at the same location. In both cases, they aroused suspicion by purchasing large quantities of Sudafed. Police say those arrested on Sunday were identified as Johnny Dexter Key, Dennis K. Binkley and Tracy Christine Peters. In addition to the Sudafed, police say the found two cans of starter fluid and a lawnmower battery in the suspects' vehicle.  The day before, Marcus Justin Piercy, Deanna Kay Sliger and James Corinth Moore were arrested after they came into the store one after the other to purchase Sudafed.  Officers allegedly found meth residue and some finished product in their vehicle. All of the cases come to court on November 15th.