Thursday, October 14, 2010

THP Warns Of Local Deer-Related Crashes

The Tennessee Department of Safety is reminding Putnam County residents that an increase in deer-related crashes is likely during the months of October through December. Cookeville area motorists are encouraged to be watchful of deer on the move during these months. THP Colonel Tracy Trott says it is particularly important to pay attention and stay alert, especially on roads less traveled, during hunting and mating season. He says motorists should exercise extra caution when not traveling on a major thoroughfare. Between 2005 and 2009, less than 10 percent of deer-related crashes occurred on interstate highways. According to numbers provided by the state, Putnam County has seen an increase in deer-related crashes annually for the past five years. In 2004, 83 crashes were blamed on deer; in 2005, the number was 82; in 2006, 102 wrecks were caused by deer; in 2007, it was 91; and in 2008, the number of crashes was 110.