Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twelve People Vying For Five Seats On Fair Board

The Putnam County commission will have no shortage of candidates to consider when they meet on Monday to make appointments to the county fair board. The fair board's by-laws mandate that some members of the commission and some members of the public be appointed to the body. The three commission appointments to be considered on Monday are David Gentry, Cathy Reel, and Marsha Bowman -- all commissioners who were newly elected this year. Meanwhile, there are 12 people who have been nominated for appointment to the other five positions available on the fair board. They are Dale Moss, Julie Tallent, Bill Dyer, Tony Honeycutt, Vinny Faccinto, Brinn Kiser, David Randolph, Nelson Lafever, Andelene Shanks and Mike Sullivan. The fair board appointments are for three-year terms to expire in October of 2013.