Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Burks Apparent Winner In Re-Election Bid

Incumbent State Senator Charlotte Burks has apparently won another term in the Tennessee State Senate, although the unofficial results are quite close.  They have Burks, a Democrat, with 22,795 votes across the 15th Senatorial District, while Republican Gary Steakley has 22,612 -- a difference of just 183 votes out the more than 45,000 that were cast for one or the other of those candidates. Meanwhile, independent candidate Joe B. Wilmoth garnered 8,779 votes.  In Putnam County, Burks won easily getting 40 percent of the vote to just 33 percent for Steakley and 26 percent for Wilmoth.  But around the district, Steakley apparently made up for that.  And, within the county, Steakley won the Algood Outside precinct, as well as those at Bangham, Brotherton, Burgess Falls, Prescott South and Twin Oak. Burks took the other 19, sometimes by just a few votes.