Monday, November 8, 2010

Committee Refuses To Agree To Lighting Proposal

It's the city's problem. That seemed to be the consensus of Putnam County's fiscal review committee Monday night when they were asked to pay for part of the cost of replacing lights at the Leslie Towne Center, which houses the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce. The ownership of the building is split, with the city of Cookeville having a 65 percent ownership interest, while the county owns 35 percent.  Officials say the company which manufactured the lighting fixtures in the building has now gone bankrupt, and the lights are becoming more difficult to replace.  The public building authority which oversees the Towne Center had recommended spending some $47,000 to replace all of those lights, and 35 percent of that cost would have been borne by the county. But one commissioner says the agreement on ownership of the building includes a phrase that says the city or the chamber are totally responsible for upkeep. No motions were offered last night, so the issue will go to the full commission without a recommendation.